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Direction Artistique & Design Graphique

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I'm Benjamin, 23 years old Junior Art Director

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Recently graduated from ECV Aix-en-Provence, I’m mostly working on branding purposes. Giving a major importance to words & meaning, starting with a story. Creating communication processes, by engaging a brand overview from storytelling to strategic statement, with a global look on the brand.


Agnès Charlemagne - T'es où?

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L'Homme Au Sac


A man, a bag & a fan

L’homme au sac is a series of pictures. An exercice de style about what you can do in a photo studio with only a man, a plastic bag & a fan.

Layering Risograph


A book for Austin Eddy

Book project for the artist Austin Eddy, during a workshop managed by Yundler Brondino Verlag. Illustrations are deconstruct by the risograph printing process; printing each color on a transparent layer. The reader becomes the creator by building and breaking the artist's work while playing with the layers.


Conception, Art Direction

An app to share your meal at work

Sésami has as ambition to offer people the opportunity of sharing their recipes through a meal exchange within their professional community. We dedicate our forces on providing a new experience through eating. Let’s forget about our plastic life, throw away bad behaviours, involving a circular economy and generate social link. Alone we eat well, together we eat better.

Project rewarded by the EpE-Metronews Prize 2016 (3rd place) Visit the website ->


Art direction, Illustration

A travel to a new univers

Paloma is a place for party, for discoveries, between real and unreal. It’s a world apart, with its code, its language, its spirit, and its philosophy. In this place, objects and people are transforming; vision gets blur to snatch a glimpse of new landscapes. The identity is the image of a code, a translation, a graphic reflection. Built through a new vocabulary, ideas and words are becoming images, to better return concepts.

Club des Insensés

Art direction, Branding

A story about scarf & questioning status-quo

Le Club des Insensés is a tribe, circle, and rounded dance, looking for freedom in aestheticism, that produces one of a kind French made scarves. Each collection is an enticing challenge, an experiment, a desire and a provocation. All of its identity is reflected around the medium’s format and context; be it paper or fabric, virtual or silk.

Alto Braco

Art direction, Film

An Aubrac's journey

Un rendez-vous pour visiter les lieux clés de l’architecture d’aujourd’hui. Des explorations, des journées; pour mettre à jour la réflexion cachée. Des batiments, des illustrations - le procédé de création. Ils apparaissent, inachévés; hybrides entre papier, maquette, rendu synthétique et pensée.


Art Direction, editorial

A book to read alone or with someone.

A collection of conversations with Paul Rand; a reflection of depth and form. A book, two readers, two colors, two senses. A dialogue, an exchange, a conversation. Each book entices the reader to become the actor being discussed in the conversation. The exchange is a confrontation between ideas, the meeting of blocks; opposing, connecting, mixing, and interacting as if to kill time.